Close-up of children's hands in a pile by a play area at The Earl

Ella's Friends Helping Ella's Friends

Increasing awareness for mental and physical disabilities

Ella's Friends Helping Ella's Friends aims to increase awareness of those with mental and physical disabilities, educate families about beneficial resources to improve their loved one's life experience, and provide financial support for camps, therapies, respite care, and assistive or adaptive equipment.

Your donation to Ella’s Friends helps do good in the local community.  Ella’s Friends’ most recent contribution was to the Bergmann Center located in Charlevoix, MI.  Their mission is like ours – “Every person should be able to be an active member of their local community.”

“We have a passion for helping those with special needs. Our adult daughter, Ella, was born with a cognitive impairment and is on the Autism Spectrum. We know how important it is for our daughter and her friends to lead productive, independent, and happy lives. Through education and financial support, the foundation can be laid for a bright and promising future for Ella’s Friends.”  - Jennie & Paul Silva, owners of The Earl

Ella's Friends Helping Ella's Friends is a 100% pass through entity. All contributions are given to local charities supporting children and adults with special needs. Our guests have the option to donate during their stay.