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50 years ago


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The Lodge, one of the most well-known and loved Charlevoix hotels near Lake Michigan, has changed ownership and name. In tribute to Charlevoix’s own master builder, Earl Young, the hotel will be renamed, Hotel Earl.

The original hotel, known as Earl Young’s Weathervane Lodge, was built in 1959. This 40-room motel has been in operation since. Young constructed homes in the mid-century modern era of architecture and is known for his construction of Charlevoix Mushroom Homes, Boulder Park, and Boulder Manor. This era is known for integrating nature into the houses as Young always did.

The design team is very passionate about preserving much of the original architecture and details that Young put in throughout the original construction. Additionally, new elements have been designed to emulate Young’s original concept.

Construction of Hotel Earl
Construction of Hotel Earl

Major renovations to the hotel include the addition of a third story, adding 17 additional guest rooms for a total of 56 guest rooms & suites. Other changes include: New windows, doors, restored balconies, enclosing the exterior corridors, a new elevator, new ADA compliant stairways, and state-of-the-art luxury accommodations. New features include a new swimming pool, high-tech 12-seat boardroom, and 1,500-square-foot presidential/bridal suite.  The hotel’s downtown location (120 Michigan Avenue) is set back one block from the water, offering lake views.

Silva Property Management is the owner. The design team is made up of northern Michigan experts in the hospitality industry. These include KLK Design, Shoreline Architecture and Hotel Investment Services, Inc.

The renovations were completed Winter 2020.



Near and dear to the Silva family is Ella's Friends charity:

Mission Statement: To improve the lives of those challenged by mental and physical disabilities.

Contributions made to Ella's Friends Helping Ella's Friends will provide life-enhancing gifts to children and adults with special needs and their families. We aim to increase awareness of mental and physical disabilities and educate families about beneficial resources that will improve their loved one's life experience. We will also provide financial support for camps, therapies, respite care, assistive or adaptive equipment, and any other special circumstance that may improve the lives of those we serve.

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